Every Effort Counts

by Alessandra Cavalluzzi

Many smaller to mid-sized companies are dissuaded from starting giving programs and getting involved in their community because they incorrectly assume that they don’t have enough money and/or resources to make a meaningful impact.

The reality is that all companies have the power to make a social impact, and it doesn’t take an outsized amount of money or resources to do so. Organizations that address homelessness, poverty, hunger, and illiteracy, for instance, benefit not only from direct donations but from commitments of time and expertise. 

No effort is too small, but getting started can feel daunting. That’s why A Million Dollars in Change details how to create a corporate social responsibility program from square one. Establishing a program that’s impactful, lasting, and rewarding doesn’t take a million dollars, but embedding charitable activities and making “giving back” an essential part of your corporate culture takes commitment and a clear sense of mission.

With easy, actionable steps and jargon-free language, the book details:

  • How to build a business-specific case for a corporate giving program
  • How to craft the perfect pitch to persuade leadership to buy in to the program
  • How to engage employees, work with nonprofits, and launch a program
  • How to make CSR "stick" by embedding it into your corporate culture
  • How to leverage CSR to drive engagement, recruitment, brand awareness, and organizational teamwork

Via case studies and my personal experience in creating my company’s corporate giving program, I demonstrate the various ways employees can participate in a giving program that will make them feel empowered and excited to make a difference.

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