A Million Dollars In Change

by Alessandra Cavalluzzi

Human Resources professionals face the challenge of attracting and retaining talent in their organizations daily. Employees want to feel that their work is meaningful and that they have a good relationship with their manager and their colleagues. Studies show that employees will leave a company if they feel disconnected from their peers or if they don’t feel that their work has a purpose.

My upcoming book, A Million Dollars in Change, will explain how a corporate giving program builds camaraderie among employees, and strengthens their relationship with their managers. By working side by side with their employees, managers not only create opportunities for team building, they also spend quality time together outside the office. The book will illustrate how to create interdepartmental volunteer teams that allow employees to lead fundraising and community projects and develop skills such as leadership, project management, and communication, which are transferrable to their daily job functions. In addition, this book will explain how charitable giving and volunteerism boost employee pride and morale, which contributes to retention.

According to Boston College’s Center for Corporate Citizenship, “employee volunteers are perhaps the greatest asset companies can leverage when trying to have a positive impact in the communities where they operate and do business.” As of 2014, there are 122,500 HR managers in the US according to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. HR managers connect an organization and its employees, and today’s HR is a key component of a company’s strategic planning process. HR is not just about recruiting and benefits anymore. HR directors and executives are involved in organizational strategy development, driving employee engagement, change management, learning and development, and corporate communications. Like CEOs, this group is capable of creating a lasting impact in our communities by involving their organizations in partnerships with nonprofits to solve social issues and create lasting, impactful change.

Business leaders and owners strive to increase the productivity of their staff and attract top talent to their organization. A Million Dollars in Change explains the link between volunteerism and increased engagement and how this leads to higher productivity among employees. The book also sheds much-needed light on millennials and their expectations of a company’s involvement with philanthropy and volunteerism. It explains how volunteerism creates employee ambassadors of corporate culture, thereby raising a company’s visibility and awareness of its brand in the community. What business leaders and owners will find most interesting is the fact that you can launch a corporate giving program with a relatively small budget. In fact, much can be done without any expenditure.

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