Book Description

Is it possible to change the world one company at a time? Absolutely, and this book will show you how. Whether you're a CEO, a human resources professional, or a leader dedicated to making a difference, A Million Dollars In Change will show you how to help make your company a great place to work by making your community a better place to live. A guide to corporate giving that goes beyond “checkbook philanthropy,” the book provides a step-by-step plan for creating a giving program that engages employees and attracts talent, while at the same time forging measurable, impactful partnerships with nonprofits that serve your broader community. Drawing on the author’s personal experience creating a groundbreaking program at her own company, this accessible, easy-to-implement guide to corporate social responsibility proves that creating a million dollars in change doesn't have to cost a mint.


  • An accessible step-by-step guide to corporate social responsibility (CSR) for companies of all sizes
  • An accounting of the author's firsthand experience designing and implementing a hugely successful program for a multibillion-dollar company
  • A go-to resource for human resource professionals and business leaders hoping to start a CSR program, and for nonprofits looking to partner with businesses
  • Highlights the win-win nature of CSR programs: community organizations get much-needed support while companies grow employee engagement and brand visibility

Corporations have an opportunity—and a responsibility—to make an impact on the communities where their employees live and work, but many business leaders, fearing that the process will be expensive and antithetical to a company’s bottom line, are deterred from creating community partnerships. A Million Dollars In Change: How to Engage Your Employees, Attract Top Talent, and Make the World a Better Place reveals how even small companies with limited budgets can make a measurable difference in their communities and energize their company’s culture at the same time.

Think corporations are already leading the way in nonprofit funding? Think again. The vast majority of nonprofit funding comes from wealthy individual donors or foundations. According to Charity Navigator, in 2014, donations from individuals accounted for roughly 75% of all donations. Add gifts from bequests and family foundations, which are essentially gifts from individuals, and the category accounts for nearly 90% of all giving.

All companies have the power to make a social impact, and it doesn’t take an outsized amount of money or resources to do so. Organizations that address homelessness, poverty, hunger, and illiteracy, for instance, benefit not only from direct donations but from commitments of time and expertise. A company whose employees are activated around a community concern is a company whose employees volunteer to cook and serve meals in a soup kitchen, and who support small nonprofit staffs with expertise in areas such as marketing, accounting, web design, and social media strategy. Companies can also donate items from their inventory, like paper products or cleaning supplies, or hold events to gather essential items nonprofits need but can’t afford.

No effort is too small, but getting started can feel daunting. That’s why A Million Dollars In Change details how to create a corporate social responsibility program from square one. Establishing a program that’s impactful, lasting, and rewarding doesn’t take a million dollars, but embedding charitable activities and making “giving back” an essential part of your corporate culture takes commitment and a clear sense of mission.

With easy, actionable steps and jargon-free language, the book will detail:

  • How to build a business-specific case for a corporate giving program
  • How to craft the perfect pitch to persuade leadership to buy in to the program
  • How to engage employees, work with nonprofits, and launch a program
  • How to make it "stick" by embedding it into your corporate culture
  • How to leverage corporate giving and volunteerism to drive engagement, recruitment, brand awareness, and organizational teamwork
  • How community involvement helps employees develop transferrable skills and feel more connected to their company

Via case studies and Alessandra's personal experience in creating her company’s corporate giving program, A Million Dollars In Change will demonstrate the various ways employees can participate in a giving program that will make them feel empowered and excited to make a difference. This book will also dispel myths and common misconceptions surrounding charitable giving and CSR programs.