If Opportunity Doesn't Knock, Go Find That Sucker!

by Alessandra Cavalluzzi

Going out of your comfort zone might be scary, but if you really want to make a change it’s necessary. 

The old saying of “opportunity knocks” may be true, but there’s something to be said for creating opportunities for yourself.  The way you do that is by taking proactive steps to achieve your goals. 

A dream isn’t going to manifest into reality without effort.  Wishing for something to happen is not going to make it happen.  Effort and commitment is what makes it real.

If you aspire to do more in your career, it is up to you to make that happen.  Whether it’s taking courses that will help you obtain the necessary knowledge required for your next move, or having a conversation with your manager about your aspirations and career path – it starts with you.  You are as responsible for your success and professional growth as your manager is. 

If you have a talent or a gift for (i.e. singing, acting, dancing) you need to get out there and get in front of people who can help you get the exposure you need.   Stories of people being “discovered” are rare.  You need to put in the effort – and – have a back up plan.  Because the reality is that the entertainment industry is very hard to break into.  So be realistic, have a back up plan, and go into it with an open mind. But make the effort. 

If you like to write and want to write a book, story, screenplay go for it.  But like everything else, it requires effort.  It requires many hours of research, networking, promoting, and a ton of patience.  Not to mention a thick skin.  Because not everyone will like what you write and want to publish it.  Having a thick skin and a realistic approach will keep you sane and help you stay positive during the rough patches- and there will be rough patches.   Many famous authors have stories about all the rejections they received before they finally had a book published.  Stephen King and J.K. Rowling are just 2 examples.   Keep at it, keep writing, and stay positive.  The great news is that today authors can self-publish, so you don’t have to rely on a big name publisher to get your book out.  That being said, you still need to put in the hard work of marketing, promoting, and above all editing/proofreading your work to ensure that you turn out a quality product.

The bottom line is that creating opportunity requires making an effort, and making an effort sometimes means doing things that are outside of your comfort zone.   Big change – even good change – is scary because it means letting go of what is certain for the unknown. 

Embrace the unknown.  Embrace change. 

Don’t wait for opportunity to knock on your door.  Go out and find it!

Happy Saturday