Ambassadors of Change

by Alessandra Cavalluzzi

One of the best ways to get your employees engaged in a corporate giving and volunteer program is to include them in the actual development and implementation of your program.  A way to do this is to create a volunteer team of ambassadors who will oversee and execute the planning and logistics of the various events and processes associated with your program.  This team should be one that rotates members every 1-2 years to avoid stagnation and encourage new perspectives and ideas.

There are many benefits to having groups like these in your company.   First, it solves the resource issue.  Having a team of volunteers ready and eager to assist you with these tasks is a godsend because resources are a precious commodity in any organization.  Most of us are doing more with less as it is, so a team like this makes it possible for you to do a lot without adding to your operating expenses.  Second, this is a great way to empower your employees.  Being a part of a team that is tasked with developing programs and activities focused on making the world a better place speaks to a purpose-driven culture.  Providing employees with opportunities that give them the sense that they are doing meaningful work is powerful.  It is a key driver of engagement, as evidenced in research and studies conducted by organizations like Aon Hewitt, considered pioneers in the area of employee engagement.

Choosing the right members for the team is critical.  You’ll want to recruit people who are passionate about community service and are committed to helping you implement and grow your program.   They should have a firm belief in your company’s purpose.  These are people who demonstrate the company culture in their daily interactions with colleagues and customers.  They will be representing your company in the community so great care should be taken in selecting the members for this team.

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