We Remember

by Alessandra Cavalluzzi

Today the world joins together in remembrance of the September 11 terrorist attacks in the USA.   A day that started like any other day quickly turned horrific as the news broke of the nightmare that was unfolding in New York City.   As a New Yorker, this day is particularly difficult.   While I am very lucky that my family and friends who worked at the World Trade Center made it out ok, I realize that my family is one of the lucky ones.   For many others, Tuesday morning was the last time they saw their loved ones.

On this 15th anniversary of September 11, we honor the more than 3,000 lives that were lost at The World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA.

If there is something positive that I can draw from that horrible day, it is the way that the global community came together immediately after the attacks.  The incredible unity, empathy, and compassion that was displayed by everyone around the world.  In the USA, the feeling that together, we would rebuild.  Together, we would be strong.  That we could overcome anything – together.

In 2009 September 11 was declared a National Day of Service and Remembrance by Presidential Proclamation.   Many observe the anniversary of this day by volunteering in service of others.  It is a wonderful way to honor the lives of the first responders who raced to the scene to help save lives and made the ultimate sacrifice.  

Hug your families.  Call your friends.  Tell the people that are special to you how much they mean to you.  Say “I love you”.  Spread kindness. 

God Bless America.  God Bless All Who Were Lost.

We will never forget.