All Hands On Deck

by Alessandra Cavalluzzi

Last Friday I attended a non-profit luncheon to accept a Corporate Leadership award on behalf of my company.  While I was there, I heard several of the speakers talk about the challenges that non-profits face with regard to staffing.  Government cuts in funding often leave these wonderful organizations with no choice but to cut their staff in order to be able to fund their programs.  The issue with this, is that while reducing headcount may save dollars for programs, the programs are often not able to move forward because there are not enough people to run them.  

Listening to these stories drove home for me the importance of volunteering.   More than ever, non-profits are facing the very real possibility of closing their operations or suspending, even eliminating, some services that they provide due to lack of staffing.  Skilled volunteers are as important as ever in their ability to provide the assistance to those they serve.    So today, take a moment to think about your talents and how you can donate your time and expertise to helping your local non-profits.   Reach out to some organizations in your community and ask how you or your employees can help.   Volunteering is a key component of giving.  I guarantee based on what I heard on Friday, that will not be turned away.

Happy Sunday!

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